Coaches Corner

UpdatedThursday April 8, 2021 byCorliss Clark.


Okinyi Ayungo, Outdoor Head Coach
(301) 523-7794 


Jamie Jefferson, Indoor Co-Head Coach &

Asst. Head Coach (Outdoor)

(301) 252-7763


Shawn Sabbakhan, Asst. Head Coach

(203) 524-2436



Paul Peterson, Indoor Co-Head Coach &

Asst. Head Coach (Outdoor)

(301) 412-4212



Nickie Addison, Asst. Head Coach (Outdoor)

(240) 988-0550





COACHES RECRUITING INCENTIVES PROGRAM  - Are you interested in coaching?  Contact the Firebirds to join a great team of coaches dedicated to training our youth in the area of track & field.  Learn how to become a Level 1 Certified Coach, learn the latest state of the art coaching techniques and join an experienced group of coaches that will provide mentoring and training for those with a passion to learn.                                                                   

If interested in coaching, refer to the attached recruiting flyer for more details and fill out the Firebirds Volunteer Coaches Application and email it to  Contact Coach Melvin Ware at 301-606-4046 or Coach Okinyi Ayung at (301) 523-7794 for questions.                                                                

For current/approved coaches that want to take one of the classroom or online training courses & get reimbursed, fill out the attached Coaches Commitment/Reimbursement Agreement and give to Coach Melvin or Coach Okinyi









Coaches Commitment Agreement_NFHS ONLINE_01232019.doc
Coaches Commitment Agreement_USATF Classroom 09202018 v2_Corliss-3.doc
Firebirds recruiting flyer_updated 09202018.pdf
Firebirds Volunteer Coaches Application cc updates v2.doc